Description of Committees

Attorney-Client Relations

Mediates or arbitrates disputes between attorneys and clients; attempts to resolve disputes between attorneys; and seeks to develop other avenues for dispute resolution between attorneys and others, including intervention program for problem attorneys.

American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii

Reviews nominations for various Hawaii State Bar Association and American Bar Association awards and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Civic Education

Develops and works in partnership with other entities such as the Department of Education, Executive Office on Aging, and others, to implement programs that will educate students about citizenship and government.

Consumer Protection

Assists the Supreme Court and Attorney General’s office in enforcing the unauthorized practice of law statute.

Continuing Legal Education

Develops programming to deliver quality continuing legal education to the legal community and proposes policies regarding the general subject of lawyer competence, including voluntary/mandatory continuing legal education and specialization/certification.

Delivery of Legal Services to the Public

Develops and promotes programs designed to make legal services more readily available in the community, works with other organizations to increase services, coordinates participation of the HSBA membership in such programs, and provides a forum for exchange of ideas and information.

Diversity, Equality and the Law (DEAL)

Develops programs to help eliminate gender, ethnic, and other bias and discrimination in the legal profession and judicial system.


A joint committee of the Hawaii State Trial Judges Association and the Hawaii State Bar Association. Serves as a confidential clearinghouse for concerns by the bench and bar. Comprised of judges and attorneys who meet quarterly to discuss and try to resolve concerns regarding judges (in particular and in general), attorneys (in particular and in general), and more global administration of justice issues.

Judicial Administration

Maintains close relationship with judiciary on matters of mutual concern to bench and bar, monitors and formulates recommendations to the Board concerning legislation affecting the judiciary, studies and reports on subjects of judicial conduct and discipline, coordinates activities of the HSBA relating to improvement of the judiciary and administration of justice.

Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Recommends policies for improving the Lawyer Referral & Information Service.

Legislation and Public Policy

Screens, monitors, and keeps the HSBA Board, Committees, Sections and members apprised of proposed legislation pertaining to the bench and bar, provides expertise to legislators upon request, recommends Board positions to be taken by the HSBA, proposes guidelines regarding the appropriate role of the HSBA Board, Committees and Sections in addressing proposed legislation and public policy issues.


Recommends a slate of candidates for the HSBA Board election. Also makes recommendations on filling vacancies on certain other legal related boards.

Professional Responsibility and Risk Management Committee

Studies and make recommendations concerning standards of professional and ethical conduct, and develops programs designed to prevent or remedy the consequences of ethical misconduct of lawyers in dealing with their clients. Also, encourages competition in the marketplace for professional liability insurance and develops programs to prevent legal malpractice.


Oversees the quality, editorial content and finances of the Bar Journal, Bar Directory, and other HSBA publications.

Staff and Facilities

Advises and assists the Executive Director in (1) developing and recommending an annual budget for staff compensation and on employee relations matters, and (2) reviewing the physical facilities necessary or appropriate to meet the Association’s requirements.


Promotes the use of technology among attorneys to enhance efficiency in the law office.

Transitioning Lawyers

Develops and facilitates programming for HSBA's young lawyers and transitioning lawyers to be mentored by volunteer HSBA attorneys.


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