Lawyer Referral and Information Services (LRIS)

Nationwide LRIS Programs have provided Bar members an easy and affordable way of building their practice with new and repeat business with clients who are not eligible for Pro Bono services and who are prepared to form an attorney-client relationship with a fee agreement.

Over 1000 inquiries from potential clients are received to the Hawaii service monthly and referred to LRIS panel members.

Panel members may choose from 14 major categories of law and 80 subcategories to further ensure referrals are appropriate. Once the LRIS staff determines there is a legal issue, referrals are made to panel member attorneys based on areas of law on a rotation basis. To complete the referral process, LRIS panel members receive email notification that a referral has been made and to expect a call.

The LRIS Program support Bar members as well as the public seeking legal assistance and representation in Hawaii.

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For more information, visit the LRIS website.
For application to the LRIS, please download an application form.

ADA accommodation available call (808) 537-9140 or email [email protected]. Forward a request for special accommodations at least 2 business days before event or activity.

Member Directory

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NOTICE: Every lawyer who is licensed to practice law in Hawaii will be listed in our directory. Remember, just because someone uses “Esq.” in his or her letterhead doesn’t necessarily mean that person is licensed to practice. Each licensed attorney will appear on the Hawaii State Bar Association website and can be found by searching their first and last name. The profile will include basic contact information and indicate whether the attorney can actively practice law in Hawaii.



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