Hawaii Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being

In August, 2016, a National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being was initiated, with representatives from organizations including the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs, the National Organization of Bar Counsel, and the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers. Its mission was to promote nationwide awareness, recognition, and treatment of issues relating to attorney well-being, thereby changing the culture of the legal profession such that impairments are reduced and well-being is increased. In August 2017, that task force issued a report entitled “The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change.”

As a result of the National Task Force’s August 2017 report and the recommendations contained therein, A Hawaii Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being (Hawaii Task Force) was established. The purpose of the Hawaii Task Force is to review the recommendations of the National Task Force on how to address lawyer well-being issues, assess which recommendations can be implemented to address the unique needs of Hawaii’s legal community, and recommend how those proposals can best be implemented.



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